2017 Distinguished Journalist Awards Nomination Form

This form may be used to nominate a candidate for the Society of Professional Journalists Greater Los Angeles Chapter’s 2017 Distinguished Journalist Awards and the 2017 Freedom of Information Award. Winners will be selected before year end and honored at the SPJ annual awards banquet on March 1, 2018.


In addition to filling out the identifying information, please provide a summary below describing why the nominee should be honored. Submission of links to the nominee’s work is recommended, but remember that the nomination is for a body of work, not an individual story. All submissions must be in English or include English translations.




2017 Distinguished Journalist Awards:  Since 1997, the Greater Los Angeles Chapter has given awards for excellence in journalism. This year’s categories include print 90,000+ circulation; print less than 90,000 circulation; television broadcast; radio broadcast; and digital media. Nominees may include reporters or news anchors as well as behind-the-scenes writers, editors and producers whose achievements merit recognition.


When submitting a nomination, please describe what kind of work the journalist does and how long he or she has been doing it and provide samples of the nominee’s work, such as online stories or a website link.


2017 Freedom of Information Award:  This award honors a non-journalist who has helped promote First Amendment issues. Previous winners have been involved with a gamut of First Amendment issues and come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including the legal profession, academia, government and nonprofit groups.




2017 Print Distinguished Journalist Award (circulation less than 90,000; includes local or regional wire services)


Nominee:                                                         Affiliation:


2017 Print Distinguished Journalist Award (circulation 90,000+; includes national and international wire services and news bureaus)


Nominee:                                                         Affiliation:


2017 Broadcast Distinguished Journalist Award – Television


Nominee:                                                         Affiliation:


2017 Broadcast Distinguished Journalist Award – Radio


Nominee:                                                         Affiliation:


2017 Distinguished Work in New Media Award


Nominee:                                                         Affiliation:


2017 Freedom of Information Award (non-journalists only)


Nominee:                                                         Affiliation:



Summary of nominee’s work, work history and achievements:

Nominations may be e-mailed to: Elizabeth Marcellino at eliz.marcellino@gmail.com NO LATER THAN October 15, 2017. You are welcome to provide the same information in an email without use of this form.

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