Meeting Minutes: November 6, 2017

SPJ/LA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Monday Nov. 6, 2017 at 7 p.m.
Louise’s Trattoria 10645 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064

Present: Joel Bellman, Stephanie Bluestein, Christina Cocca, Sarah Favot, Elizabeth Marcellino, Navid Nonahal, Richard Saxton, Julia Seifer, Lori Streifler, Alice Walton, Natalie Windsor, David Zahniser

Bluestein called the meeting to order at 7:14 p.m.

I. Approval of minutes from the Sept. 11 and Oct. 9 board meetings
Favot moved to approve the minutes from the Sept. 11 board meeting. Windsor seconded. Saxton and Nonahal abstained. Approved.

Walton moved to approve the minutes from the Oct. 9 board meeting. Windsor seconded. Zahniser, Nonahal, Bellman, Saxton, Cocca, Seifer and Streifler abstained. Approved.

II. President’s report – Bluestein
Cocca reported on issues that we’ve been having with our website. Via email on Oct. 15, board members approved Cocca to spend up to $250 for GoDaddy to fix the problem. Cocca reported that the charge ended up being $239.99.

III. Treasurer’s report – October Treasurer’s Report
Bluestein reported on the amended Oct. 1 Treasurer’s Report. The BofA balance as of Sept. 1, 2017 was $31,786.41 and as of Oct. 1 was $30,362.09. There were no invoices owed or due, so the balance on our books was also $30,362.09. The Morgan Stanley balance as of Oct. 1 was $72,395.69, which includes a loss of $161.53 from the previous month.
Zahniser moved to receive the October Treasurer’s Report. Bellman seconded. Approved.

Bluestein reported on the Nov. 1 Treasurer’s Report. The BofA balance as of Oct. 1, 2017 was $30,362.09 and as of Nov. 1, 2017 was $30,164.11. There were no invoices owed or due, so the balance on our books was also $30,164.11. The Morgan Stanley balance as of Nov. 1 was $72,427.36, which includes a gain of $31.57 from the previous month.
Zahniser moved to receive the November Treasurer’s Report. Bellman seconded. Approved

IV. Standing/Ad Hoc Committees
a.) Awards –Streifler
The Awards Committee presented their slate of recommendations for the Chapter’s 2017 Distinguished Journalist Awards. The committee presented three candidates for each awards category. The board discussed the recommendations and cast secret ballots for each category. The following journalists will be honored at our March 1 banquet:
Print circulation less than 90,000: Kim Masters, editor-at-large Hollywood Reporter
Print circulation more than 90,000: Robin Abcarian, columnist at Los Angeles TimesBroadcast Radio: Sharon McNary, reporter at KPCC
Broadcast TV: Miriam Hernandez, reporter at KABC-7
Digital: Norberto Santana, founder, publisher, columnist at Voice of OC
FOI: Kelly Aviles, of Californians Aware

Windsor moved that the Chapter gives a special recognition to Rob Eshman, former editor-in-chief/publisher of the Jewish Journal Bellman seconded. Marcellino abstained. Approved.

b.) Banquet – Walton
No report

c.) Courts – Marcellino
No report.

d.) Diversity – Arias/Nonahal
No report.

e.) Ethics – Bellman
Bellman discussed Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger’s blackout of the LA Times and suggested the Chapter send an open letter from SPJ calling out Disney’s actions. Bellman moved that the Chapter send an open letter to Bob Iger protesting Disney’s punitive actions directed at the LA Times based on its news coverage of Disney’s relationship with the city of Anaheim. Nonahal seconded. Seifer abstained. Approved.

f.) FOI – Zahniser
No report

g.) Generation J – Bluestein
Bluestein reported that her idea for starting a Lunch with a Journalist program will be put on hold until after the Chapter hosts the Regional Conference next spring due to the time commitment needed in planning for the conference.

h.) Membership – Nonahal
No report

i.) Nominations – Favot
Favot thanked board members for all of their suggestions for potential board members. She has a commitment from two people who are willing to run and is looking to secure two more. The elections will be held in December.

j.) Regional Conference– Hendrickson and Favot
Bluestein reported that Mike Reilley of Google News Labs needs a three-hour time slot to present at the Regional Conference. The board members discussed potentially having him present on the Friday afternoon before the conference, but ultimately decided to plan a separate event from the conference with Mike Reilley sometime next year.

k.) Scholarships – Audi
No report.

V. Old Business
CSUN Journalism Day – Bluestein
Bluestein reported CSUN hosted a High School Journalism Day with L.A. Times High School Insider staff that attracted nearly 300 high school students, more than ever. It was very well run. The Chapter’s $500 donation for Subway sandwiches was greatly appreciated.

VI. New Business
Directors & Officers Insurance
Bluestein reported she received a quote for coverage. Nonahal and Wax will also be seeking quotes. Bluestein will reach out to the board’s attorney Jean-Paul Jassy for clarification about the quotes. The issue will be discussed at the next board meeting.

VII. Board Retreat—Jan. 13 at the home of Wax.

VIII. Next board meeting: Monday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m.

IV. Adjournment
Saxton moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 p.m. Favot seconded. Approved.

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