Meeting Minutes: October 1, 2018

SPJ/LA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Monday, October 1, 2018
7 p.m.
Louise’s Trattoria
10645 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Present: Dave Zahniser, Roberta Wax, Frank Mottek, Kathryn Mora, Elizabeth Marcellino, Richard Saxton, Sarah Favot, Lori Streifler, Ricardo Lopez, Julia Wick.

Favot called the meeting to order at 7:22.

I. Approval of minutes from Sept. 4 meeting. Saxton moved to approve. Zahniser seconded the motion, Wax abstained.

II. President’s report – Favot read a report from Bluestein, including a summary of the conference. Wax spoke about how proud she was of Bluestein’s work at the conference and said that Navid Nonahal used her acceptance of award to give a beautiful eulogy for Dick Hendrickson, our board member and treasurer who died in July.

III. Treasurer’s report – Marcellino read the treasurer’s report and reported on the bank balances. The only substantial expenses over the last month were paying for our scholarships and putting a deposit on the Omni Hotel for the 2019 banquet. We currently have about 850 dollars (including a pledge) for the Hendrickson scholarships. Zahniser moved to receive the treasurer’s report. Wax seconded. All approved.

IV. Standing/Ad Hoc Committees –
a. Awards –Streifler gave a short report and said that the release calling for nominations will go out on Oct. 3.
b. Banquet – No report.
c. Courts – Streifler raised an issue that has been happening at the OC courts and others discussed looking into it to see if other reporters had faced similar issues.
d. Diversity – Lopez is working on finalizing a date for the November event at USC. The date and place will hopefully be finalized by the end of the week. Panel will be on pay disparities that have led to some of the union efforts. Wick will make a flyer for the event when the date is finalized.
e. Ethics – No report.
f. FOI – No report.
g. Generation J – No report.
h. Membership – No report.
i. Nominations – Favot said that Bray had said that he had some ideas.
j. Scholarships – No report.

V. Old Business
a. Susan Zakin Book Signing – Favot said that the crowd was relatively small.
b. Long Beach Post mixer – Walton was not at the meeting but had reported that it was well attended. About 30 people showed up and about half were Long Beach Post employees. Walton thought that the event succeeded because it had a built-in audience and was a timely topic.

VI. New Business
a. Possible Grading the Media event – Bluestein was not present
b. Holiday Party– Mottek has tentatively selected Xian Chinese restaurant on Canon. It is “an upscale Shanghai grill.” Mottek said that he is concerned about the size of the space but that, pricewise, it is “very attractive.” The other option is El Floridita in Hollywood, which serves Cuban food. Mottek is still waiting on a price for that venue. The actual Shanghai Grill, home to last year’s Christmas party, has unfortunately closed.

VII. Adjournment
Zahniser moved to adjourn at 8:23. Lopez seconded. Approved.

Next meeting: 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 5, 2018 at Louise’s Trattoria

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