At a time when journalism is going through such a seismic shift, joining the L.A. Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists puts you at the forefront of our exciting business. Click here to join the national organization online  (and add a chapter membership too) or click here to print out a membership form.

National members can join the LA Pro Chapter online for $20 here.

SPJ has been an industry leader for more than 100 years. Although your rights as a journalist are guaranteed under the First Amendment, the Society of Professional Journalists, both nationally and locally fights and wins battles for Freedom of Information and First Amendment rights that might not otherwise be fought at all. As a result of SPJ’s grass-roots activism, we are able to address vital issues confronting today’s working journalist.

SPJ is dedicated to:

• Professional Development

• Networking events in Southern California

• Journalism Advocacy

• Industry News & Information

Membership Fees

You spend more than half of your time working as a journalist or j-educator.
$75 for 1 year.

You are retired and 62 or older.
$37.5 for 1 year.

Enjoy a lifetime membership in SPJ. Local chapter dues not included.

You share living quarters with an existing SPJ professional member.
$37.5 for 1 year.

Post Grad
Through three years after college graduation.
$37.5 for 1 year.

Any newly joining Post Grad member can sign up today and receive three years for just $75.

College Student

$37.5 for 1 year.

If you are a freshman or sophomore, you can join today for just $100 and be covered for the life of your college years.

You don’t qualify for the above but support SPJ’s mission.
$94 for 1 year.

Chapter Dues: $20

Please contact SPJ/LA’s membership chair with any questions or concerns:

Richard Saxton

Additional Membership resources can be found on the national SPJ website at: