Meeting Minutes: May 6, 2019

SPJ/LA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Monday, May 6, 2019
7 p.m.
Louise’s Trattoria
10645 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Present: Penny Arevalo, Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins, Joel Bellman, Stephanie Bluestein, Sarah
Favot, Richard Hendrickson, Elizabeth Marcellino, Kathryn Mora, Navid Nonahal, Alice
Walton, Roberta Wax, Nathan Solis and David Zahniser

Bluestein called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m.
I. Approval of minutes from April 1 meeting
II. Presidents’ report – Bluestein: On April 29, Bluestein, Bellman, Windsor plus two
board members from the Press Photographers Association met with Michael De
Dora, Washington advocacy manager at the Committee to Protect Journalists
who leads CPJ’s efforts to advance press freedom around the world with the U.S.
government and other policymakers in Washington, D.C. De Dora was in town
for an event and reached out to introduce himself to us. In another matter,
Bluestein updated the board that AB700 was pulled from consideration for this
legislative assembly session. Bellman notified the board of AB992 which would
allow open meetings to be conducted through social media platforms by Kevin
Mullen from San Mateo. In addition, the chapter has joined an amicus brief in
support of the Palisades News in a defamation lawsuit. The brief was filed by the
Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press on behalf of the newspaper and
two of its editors, who have been sued by cannabis entrepreneur Stephanie
Smith for alleged defamation. An email vote was conducted on April 16 by the
board, which unanimously agreed to sign on. Bluestein reported the SPJ
executive director has resigned. The D.C. chapter drafted a letter calling out the
national office about how the news was announced and reached out to different
chapter presidents about their concerns. Nine boards and 13 individuals,
including Bluestein, signed on. Bellman says there will be an interim person, but
it’s not clear who will be in that position.
III. Treasurer’s report –
a. Marcellino said all the activity this month was related to the banquet. Except
for reimbursement for Bluestein’s travel to the regional conference and the
PenAmerica event food –
b. Nonahal reported that the chapter received a bill from the IRS for approximately $2,000 for tax year 2015. Our CPA called the IRS on our behalf and asked for the penalty to be waived. The invoice has been forwarded to the chapter’s COPA office, who is looking into it.
Motion to receive report – Favot moved. Nonahal seconded. Approved.

IV. Standing/Ad Hoc Committees
a. Awards – No report
b. Banquet – Walton – No report
c. Courts – Marcellino reported the L.A. Superior Courts has a new
communications person, Ann Donlan, in who has a background in journalism.
d. Diversity – Solis reported a panel has been finalized for the May 18 racism
panel at the SAG/AFTRA headquarters.
e. Ethics – Bellman updated the board that UCLA complied with a records
request for a visit by Steve Mnuchin. It’s the same six emails other
organizations, that also made a CPRA request, received from the same week
in February 2018. It appears UCLA had a misunderstanding with the DOJ
about posting video from that meeting. UCLA relented. Bellman said we now
have some type of closure and he will write up a summary on the SPJ/LA
website and link to previous posts. The response took 14 months.
f. FOI – Zahniser – No report
g. Generation J – Blaize-Hopkins – No report
h. Membership – Nonahal said membership is down to 101 for the national
roster. She followed up in emails to those who lapsed and is willing to set up
for a recruitment drive aiming for December. Nonahal encouraged everyone
to recruit three members. It was suggested that the lapsed list should be
circulated so those members can be nudged, but some board members said
they would feel uncomfortable nudging friends and colleagues.
i. Nominations – No report
j. Scholarship – Saxton discussed the new Hendrickson memorial scholarship,
in honor of our chapter’s late treasurer. It is designated specifically for a
text/print journalist, per his widow, Carol, who requested the amount be
$2,000. Based on the donations that have already been received for this new
scholarship, we should be able to give a scholarship in his name for the next
10 years. Discussion then ensued about increasing the amount of our existing
four scholarships from $1,000 each to $1,500 each. Bluestein said if the
board commits to bring in $2,000 more for the banquet ads or something in that area we would have the scholarships rise in costs covered. Walton added that profits generated from the banquet depends on who are the honorees and income from the banquet is inconsistent and would take a commitment from board. A news release will go out soon and it will be emailed to colleges, high schools with j-programs in L.A., Orange and Ventura counties. The
deadline is June 15 and the winners will be decided at the July board
meeting. Carol, Richard’s widow, wants to be part of the notification process
for the Hendrickson scholarship.
Motion to raise the scholarships offered from $1,000 to $1,500 for the four
scholarships. Marcellino moved. Blaize-Hopkins seconded. Motion approved.
Motion to set The Richard D. Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship at $2,000.
Nonahal moved. Zahniser seconded. Motion approved.

V. Old business
a. Debriefing on Pen America training session – Blaize-Hopkins said the
PenAmerica event was successful. Approximately 60 people attended and all
the journalists responded well to the reception.
b. Debriefing on the KCRW tour on April 26– Blaize-Hopkins said 11 students
toured the studio and sat in on a new show taping and they met with the on-
air talent.
c. California Public Records Act Request of UCLA – Bellman already covered in
president’s report.
d. Journalism Leadership Dinner update – Bluestein and Favot met for a dinner
on April 11 with leaders of the local journalism organizations. About 20
people were in attendance, representing about 12 local journalism groups.
The purpose of the dinner was to begin to form a stronger connection and
bond with the other groups.

VI. New Business
a . Richard Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship – approved under Scholarships
b. Annual summer Mega Mixer tentatively set for July 10. Saxton will organize.
c. Search for new board meeting location – Bellman, Wax and Bluestein will
scout of new locations.

VII. Adjournment at 8:58 p.m.
Marcellino moved. Favot seconded. Approved.

Meeting Minutes: April 1, 2019

SPJ/LA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Monday, April 1, 2019
7 p.m. Louise’s Trattoria
10645 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Present: Penny Arevalo, Joel Bellman, Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins, Stephanie Bluestein, Tom Bray, Sarah Favot, Jason Lewis, Kathryn Mora, Frank Mottek, Navid Nonahal, Nathan Solis, Alice Walton, Julia Wick and David Zahniser

Bluestein called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m.

I. Minutes: Wick moved to approved the February minutes, Blaize-Hopkins seconded. Motion approved. Bellman moved to approve the March minutes; Favot seconded. Motion approved.

II. President’s Report –The Region 11 conference in Las Vegas, which Bluestein attended on behalf of the chapter, was very informative. SPJ/LA board member Tom Bray also attended. It had several good panel discussions, including one on the Las Vegas shooting from a year ago. Bluestein feels there should be some standard guidelines regarding how the Mark of Excellence student awards are given out at the regional conferences because in Las Vegas the students didn’t go up at the luncheon to collect their awards — only their names were read. The next regional convention will be March 20-21, 2020 in Hawaii. Bluestein also reported the chapter released a statement on AB 700, a proposed bill to exempt a vast swatch of university research materials from the state’s public-record disclosure law. The bill is due to be heard soon by the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

III. Treasurer’s report – In Marcellino’s absence, Bluestein reported that the banquet finances still need to be reconciled. Bluestein reported that Morgan Stanley now requires that a very detailed financial account form be completed by everyone who has access to the Morgan Stanley account. Bellman moved that Navid Nonahal and Stephanie Bluestein be the authorizer signers on the Morgan Stanley account. Favot moved to receive the treasurer’s report. Zahniser seconded. Motion approved.

IV. Standing/Ad Hoc Committees –
a. Awards – No report
b. Banquet –The SPJ/LA banquet was held on March 20. Walton reported there was good feedback from the honorees. One hundred and twenty-five people attended. Marcellino is continuing to work to reconcile the banquet payments but preliminary estimates are the event made about $2,000.
c. Courts – No report
d. Diversity –Solis reported that the L.A. chapter of NABJ is a potential partner for a four-person panel on a Saturday in mid-May. The Diversity Committee is working to secure panelists and figuring out the date and location with NABJ-LA.
e. Ethics – Bellman reported that he, on behalf of the chapter, sent a letter to the UC Board of Regents, calling to their attention our California Public Records Act request that was filed a year ago and still hasn’t been fulfilled. The story was picked up by City News and the Daily News (March 28). UCLA only responded briefly. The letter was posted on the chapter’s website
f. FOI – No report
g. Generation J –Blaize-Hopkins reported there are two events are in the works. On April 17, the chapter will host a workshop for journalists on how to deal with online harassment. The event will be held on Santa Monica College’s Bundy campus; On April 26, at 11 a.m., the chapter will host a tour of KCRW newsroom. The audience for the tour will be primarily students.
h. Membership –Nonahal reported that she will be sending out emails to all of the attendees from the banquet inviting them to join the chapter.
i. Nominations –No report
j. Scholarships –In Saxton’s absence, Bluestein reported that a news release soliciting scholarship applications will be sent out in late April. The chapter will have a total of five scholarships this year, including the new Richard Hendrickson Scholarship, which might be $2,000. The chapter’s other four scholarships will be $1,000.
V. Old Business
a. New Scholarship Funds: Bluestein reported she is continuing to work with a non-profit organization that is going defunct and wants to transfer their funds to our chapter, to be used for scholarships.
VI. New Business: Bluestein reported that the chapter needs to find a new meeting space because staff has told us that Louise’s Trattoria is closing.

VII. Next board meeting is Monday, May 6 at 7 p.m.


Zahniser moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:26 p.m. in memory of in memory of journalists Antonia Myrup Frank and Tom Hatten. Mottek seconded. Approved.

Meeting Minutes: March 4, 2019

SPJ/LA Board of Directors March Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 4, 2019
Louise’s Trattoria
10645 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Present: Penny Arevalo, Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins, Stephanie Bluestein, Jason Lewis,
Kathryn Mora, Frank Mottek, Lori Streifler, Alice Walton,David Zahniser, Joel
Bellman, Elizabeth Marcellino, Richard Saxton, Tom Bray, Lori Streifler, Natalie
Windsor, Navid Nonahal, Sarah Favot
Meeting called to order at 7:12 p.m.

I. Approval of minutes –
II. President’s report – Bluestein is making progress on reaching out to other
journalism organizations. Has been in contact with the NABJ for an event in
late March.
III. Treasurer’s report – Marcellino –
Blaize-Hopkins moved to receive the treasurer’s report. Saxton seconded. Approved.

IV. Standing/Ad Hoc Committees
a. Awards – Streifler and Wick
b. Banquet – Walton Banquet- Wednesday March 20th at the Omni Hotel in
downtown. Tom putting together the program. Walton encouraged board members to sell program ads. She will circulate ad rates.
c. Courts – Marcellino
d. Diversity – Lewis- Nathan Solis is leading the way on a panel discussion
about how newsrooms should cover Donald Trump’s presidency. Julia
Wick has also been involved in planning. The NABJ has agreed to
partner for this discussion. Date and location is still being worked out.
e. Ethics – Bellman
f. FOI – Zahniser- Still working with the San Diego Chapter on the
statement on SB 615 regarding the police record. San Diego Chapter
still hasn’t done it. Their board meeting is March 5. It looks like it’s
going to go forward.
g. Generation J – Blaize-Hopkins – KCRW newsroom tour on Friday April
26, 11 a.m. Meet and greet with journalist. April 17 SMC’s Bundy
campus, co-sponsoring with ONA-LA. Discussion about online bullying.
h. Membership – Nonahal
i. Nominations – Bray
j. Scholarships – Saxton- Release goes out in May, deadline is in June.
Bluestein proposes that we do a reception.

V. Old Business
a. Possible response from chapter regarding UCLA’s continued delay of our CPRA requests. Motion by Bellman that we write a letter to UC board of Regents. Second by Nonahal. Approved.
b. Update on proposed scholarship funding from non-profit organization.
We’re a 501c6, not a 501c3. They’re a 501c3. According to a tax attorney, we can
accept a grant, but it will not be tax deductible. So there will be tax
implications. Bluestein does not want us to pay the expenses. She will speak to a non-profit attorney.

VI. New Business-
Approval of travel expenses for chapter president to attend
SPJ region 11 conference March 29-31. $65 for the admission, airfare is $373.96.
Bluestein has offered to pay half of the flight. Golden Nugget is $268.94.
$520.92 total. Bellman moved to approve the expenses., seconded by Favot. Motion passes.

VII. Adjournment at 8:12 p.m. in memory of Jeanne Lisker Bellman, David
Horowitz, Irwin Tallerico
Zahniser moved to adjourn. Favot seconded. Approved.

Next meeting: Monday, April 1 at Louise’s Trattoria

Meeting Minutes: Feb. 11, 2019

SPJ/LA Board of Directors February Meeting Minutes
Monday, Feb. 11, 2019
Louise’s Trattoria
10645 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Present: Penny Arevalo, Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins, Stephanie Bluestein, Carolina Garcia,
Jason Lewis, Kathryn Mora, Frank Mottek, Nathan Solis, Lori Streifler, Alice Walton,
Robi Wax, Julia Wick, David Zahniser

Meeting called to order at 7:12 p.m.

I. Approval of minutes – Bluestein reported that the minutes should be
amended to include that via email, the board approved a slate of associate
board members. Blaize-Hopkins said the minutes should be amended to
accurately reflect her last name. Mottek moved to approved, Blaize-Hopkins
seconded. Minutes approved.
II. President’s report – Bluestein reported she will attend the Region 11
Conference in Las Vegas at the end of March. She will report back to the
board in March regarding expenses for the conference. Bluestein also
reported that she continues to work with the Nonprofit Communications
and Media Network to accept the nonprofit's remaining $40,000 in
scholarship funds. Initial advice is that the chapter will not have to pay
taxes on the money if it is given as a donation. Mottek offered to help
Bluestein find a tax expert to confirm that information.

III. Treasurer’s report – Marcellino
Mottek moved to receive the Treasurer’s report. Garcia seconded. Approved.

IV. Standing/Ad Hoc Committees
a. Awards –
b. Banquet – Walton reported the banquet has about 50 RSVPs. The goal
is to get another 75-100. Walton encouraged board members to reach
out to their networks — colleagues, friends, academic institutions — and
encourage people to attend the event. If people cannot attend the
banquet, they should be encouraged to donate $80 for a student ticket.
Walton will reach out to more news organizations regarding table
sponsorship. Mottek and Walton continue to work to find a speaker for
the event.
c.Courts –
d. Diversity – Lewis – Working with Solis and Wick on panel discussion.
e. Ethics – report giving by David Zahniser. San Diego chapter wants to
put out a statement on law enforcement. LA Times report about police
misconduct. Difficult to get information. Bill passed into law that
required the release of information. Departments are still denying newspapers access to records. Newspapers sued Sacramento over this.
Going into litigation. San Diego chapter is drafting a statement about
this. Both chapters putting out a statement would be a good idea.
Worth taking a position and putting out a statement.
f. FOI –
g. Generation J – Blaize-Hopkins – Setting up a tour with journalist at
KCRW. Reaching out to campus newsrooms.
h. Membership –
i. Nominations –
j. Scholarships –

V. Old Business None
a. PIO Panel on Jan. 26– Favot

VI. New Business- $924.50 for six months for directors and officers insurance.
Bluestein is in favor of continuing with the insurance. David Zahniser
moved for approval and second by Julia Wick. Approved.
Solis is planning a panel discussing racism in the age of Trump. Lewis and
Wick will work with him on this event.
Wick spoke about having a panel on either cannabis or homelessness.
Bluestein is looking to meet with leaders of other journalism organizations.

VII. Adjournment
Mottek moved to adjourn the meeting. Wick seconded. Approved.

Next meeting: Monday, March 4 at Louise’s Trattoria

2019 Scholarship Award Recipients

The Society of Professional Journalists Greater Los Angeles Pro Chapter is proud to award a total of $8,000 in scholarships to five students pursuing a career in journalism.

“It is our chapter’s honor to give a well-deserved boost to these hard-working students. They represent all that is good and noble in journalism. They give us hope for the future,” said Stephanie Bluestein, SPJ/LA chapter president.

And the 2019 SPJ/LA scholarship winners are…

Richard D. Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship
Text/print journalism – Stephanie Lai – UCLA

Ken Inouye Memorial Scholarship
Ethnic diversity – Kate Sequeira – USC

Helen Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Broadcast journalism – Blake Atwell – Santa Monica College

Carl Greenberg Memorial Scholarship
Investigative or political reporting – Kaidi (Ruby) Yuan – USC

Bill Farr Memorial Scholarship
College journalism majors or high school students who will be majoring in journalism – Julie Madsen – UC Berkeley

Below is the brief history of the five scholarships:

Richard Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship–This scholarship is awarded to college students who demonstrate a strong intent to pursue a career in text/print journalism. Hendrickson, a longtime newspaper reporter and editor before becoming a college professor, was serving as SPJ/LA’s treasurer when he died unexpectedly in July 2018. ($2,000)

Ken Inouye Memorial Scholarship–This scholarship is awarded to a college journalist of color and is aimed at increasing ethnic diversity in newsrooms. Inouye was a 22-year-old cameraman for the International News Service and was covering the Korean War when he was killed aboard an Army aircraft. ($1,500)

Helen Johnson Memorial Scholarship–This scholarship is awarded to a college student pursuing broadcast journalism. Johnson was a producer of “Channel 4 News Conference” and an associate producer of “Meet the Press.” ($1,500)

Carl Greenberg Memorial Scholarship–This scholarship is awarded to a college student pursuing investigative or political reporting. Greenberg was a political reporter at the Los Angeles Times, famed for being singled out by President Richard Nixon as the only reporter who covered him “fairly.” ($1,500)

Bill Farr Memorial Scholarship–This scholarship is awarded to high school seniors or college students who demonstrate a strong intent to pursue a career in journalism. Farr, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, sat in county jail for 46 days for refusing to tell a judge which lawyers had violated a gag order during the Charles Manson murder trial. ($1,500)